Accessible and authentic clubbing for disabled and non-disabled people

Where it started

UV Inclusive Club Night started in 2006. We started it because we recognised two issues: Mainstream clubs do little to make their venues accessible, and socials hosted by disabled organisations can be inauthentic and unadventurous. The aim is to offer both disabled and non-disabled people a clubbing experience on a par with any town centre venue, with great production, professional DJs, live atmosphere & current music. The UV theme is a way to make the lighting and decor as colourful and stimulating as possible, whist keeping it accessible to people with light sensitive disorders.

Management Team

The club night is run by an amazing, dedicated team of disabled and non-disabled people, supported by the Silverbirch Dance Company team. The management team make the creative decisions for each night, are responsible for marketing each event, and raise all of the funds. They are motivated by the desire to make each UV event better than the last. On the night they are consumate hosts – making sure everyone is safe, feeling included and having a blast!

People working on UV Inclusive Clubbing