Our themed and bespoke workshops use a universal approach which includes everyone in the creative process and performance

Include everyone

We pride ourselves on our aim to draw even the most reluctant participants into the group activity, so we give extra attention to the participants who need to develop their confidence. Choreography is based around the unique movements and creative contributions of participants.

Access individual creativity

We use interactive, colourful props to extend the movement vocabulary of individuals, whilst encouraging them to work together to create a performance piece from their contributions. Using this approach, we’ve seen huge improvements in participants’ physical mobility, social confidence and performance potential.


An introduction to Dance Theatre- 10-15 Participants- 2 Hour workshop

Led by a team of dancers including 2 leads, a support worker and a trainee.
Silverbirch Dance Company will introduce the group to Dance Theatre using a creative blend of games, exercises and improvisational techniques that will stretch and involve each participant to their maximum potential. Working with a team of professional performers who themselves have a variety of physical and learning abilities we confidently approach the delivery process by turning what may have previously been seen as a person’s disability or limitation into their unique area of performance specialism.

Bespoke Workshops

We work with many artists who can bring different skills to our dance theatre workshops, including actors, musicians, composers, even stilt walkers. We use the skills of the lead artist to create a theme, then adapt the workshop to any group ability or size.

The workshop is one of the best enrichment opportunities we have ever had. Stunning performance and the workshops involved every single participant. Our staff were overwhelmed by the extent of children’s participation and came away with many new ideas to take forward into their lesson planning.

The workshop was absolutely magical. To see so many of our children who often are very stuck in their own world and desperately lacking in confidence, come out of themselves and start to move so beautifully was just incredible. We saw a different side of pupils today and are so grateful to the dancers for spending the time getting to know each and every one of the children and drawing out all this potential!