Graduate Company – A Week of Challenge

Tour Week 3

This week brought many challenges, from choreographer, from ourselves and challenges from each other!

One of the best things about this tour is being given the opportunity to challenge perceptions of disabled dancers and show people what is possible, our limitations to our creativity are only what we allow them to be.

As a group it was a great session and time to really reflect on the last few weeks work,  and where we can push things and ourselves further. We worked on both the performance piece and our workshops this  and they’re are really taking shape, even though we totally took ourselves to our limits this week!

There ain’t no stoppin’ us Lindy hoppin’

Tour Week 2

After last weeks excitment you might begin to wonder if this week was quieter, but no not at all! Now that the group are really begining to get going with the ideas the engery is rising even more!

This week was more about getting to enjoy an introduction to the style of music and beats we will be building our whole tour around – Lindy Hop! Not only does the music have such an amazing energy (perfect for our group and the workshops – a performance style they truly love) but it’s steeped in History too! Such a fantasticly inspiring genre to work with, and wow did this week show us what is possible!


Graduate Company – The Fun Begins!


Tour Week 1

After many weeks of planning and thought the team are finally all together and things are looking very exciting!

This week not only brought the meeting of our creatives who now have a full plan in place to get this show on the road! But also brought our Choreographer, Dance Leads and Graduate Dancers together to get the real hard work done! And watching the work come together is something truly special!

The photos taken today only show you a glimpse of the energy and excitment in the room, what a fanatasticly amazing tour this promises to be!